A Glorious Past…A Promising Future

Covenant Community Church was conceived in the minds and hearts of several charter members who gathered in the home of Rev. Landrum and Marjorie Shields on Saturday, June 4, 1994, for a breakfast and to pray for guidance in conducting God’s work. The group joined together for their first worship the next morning in the Shield’s family living room. As a result of the weekend meeting, Covenant Community Church was born. Less than one year later, with the toil and faith sharing experiences of over 200 supporters, the infant church was prepared to “turn the soil” to plant the seed that assured a worship home for generations to come.

Almost thirty years has passed and from beginning to the present, the Lord has never left us. We have seen Him at work in every aspect of this congregation. His powerful hand carried us through the toughest times of our existence. We especially praise Him for providing us with devoted pastoral leaders: Rev. Dr. Landrum Shields, founding pastor, Rev. Terrence Harper, Sr., and our current pastor, Rev. Dr. Wallace O. McLaughlin. Under their leadership, Covenant Community Church has offered its membership and the community “endurance, encouragement and hope” in such a warm and loving place.

Caring – Christ Centered – Community Focused

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